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Barca coach believes the second leg can comeback

Barcelona a stunning Spanish Super Cup first leg match, six-time winner of the impact aiming an almost humiliating way to lose the game, their 0-4 defeat away to Athletic Bilbao foot. After the game, coach Enrique accepted the media interview. Enrique said: “Now is not the time to make excuses for the loss, which is […]

Barcelona announced the absolute main injury two weeks

Barcelona in the Gamper Cup 3-0 win over Roma, but the team came the bad news after the game, Barcelona official announced that the injured left-back Alba 10-15 days. Alba is the absolute main Barcelona left back position, this warm-up match, he came off the bench in the second half of the race, the first […]

Barcelona turned 95 after the blaze King Star

American warm-up match, Barca failed to beat Chelsea though, but the team teenager Sandro performance was very good, and this is a big harvest Barcelona this game. Sandro scored a game ball after the game, “World Sports Daily” Sandro sent to the “artist” in the title. The game Sandro ready for 90 minutes, the Barca […]