Monthly Archives for July 2015

Real Madrid new season starting a horde of 8

With the approaching new season in La Liga, Real Madrid’s starting lineup has become increasingly clear. Beijing July 31, the Spanish “Marca” that the Real Madrid starting lineup this season has identified eight players, but last season, spent heavily to introduce the J Lo, now can not get the main location. Up to now, Real […]

Feng will leave Manchester City reached individual agreements

Manchester City striker this summer shake-up still continues, Vidic has completed a medical at Inter Milan, the last move only to be officially announced. While another front will Dzeko Manchester City, is expected to leave in the summer, and his next stop will be the Serie A Roma. According to British media authority “Sky Sports” […]

Barcelona turned 95 after the blaze King Star

American warm-up match, Barca failed to beat Chelsea though, but the team teenager Sandro performance was very good, and this is a big harvest Barcelona this game. Sandro scored a game ball after the game, “World Sports Daily” Sandro sent to the “artist” in the title. The game Sandro ready for 90 minutes, the Barca […]

Barcelona on the second team does not lose the strong array Chelsea

Warm-up match in the United States, Barcelona usher in the strongest opponents Chelsea, although red and blue army defeat on penalties, but the two sides regular time 2-2 No winner. It is worth mentioning that most of Chelsea come the main campaign, while Barcelona is the most main break, however, still played rhythmic Barcelona proved […]

Competing at a larger level in FIFA 16

In FIFA 16, there’s the inclusion of new and diverse paths to create the devotees achieve every single amount of accomplishment. This year, the technique of EA Sports should be to make a better player properly. When you are new to FIFA of EA Sports, the gaming system makes you get into the game. Any […]